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Original :

summary :
1-New Animal Event
2-not much removin old event
3-System related Pets :

-Addin New Dragon Eggs

[Obrazek: asr.png]

- Cooldown+Vp consumption changed
- BAaaka ! New Pets Skills :

No need to Translate they are clear : buff,heals

[Obrazek: attack.png]

[Obrazek: ass.png]

4- New Cash items Pets Related (ofcouuuurse) Undecided

5-Bug fix CC,red Sale messages ... ...
0.o, pets become usefull in PvE / PvP ?
(26-04-2013 03:16 PM)Nady93 napisał(a): [ -> ]0.o, pets become usefull in PvE / PvP ?

kinda , we dont know if they atak , but they will help buffin healin ~~
Lol! Nice!
I appreciate new features but wonder how it will be, hope not pay2win. Like in most games, when pet cost a lot of real cash to get some decent skills. :x
As long as I know NTL...
hahaha i lov Pokemon, charmander, charmeleon, charizard xD NTL is a mistake....